Who We Are

Our founders come from communication companies, where we learned the trade secrets.
We learned the pains and aches the communication companies deal with on a daily basis. One of those issues was number portability in rural areas. We partner with Major Tier 1 carriers that give us far reaches into every area of the United States.

Giving You The Freedom To Now Keep Your Existing
Telephone Number, And Switch To A New Service.

We Understand The Problem

We Understand The Problem

You may be in the position now where you have a telephone number in a small rural town, or an area that is only served by one phone provider or CLEC. You may have already tried to port your number to a new VoIP provider, and they told you, “We can not use your existing numbers! We will have to get you brand new numbers.

You have had that same number for years, and now feel stuck with the same phone provider, or risk losing your number. ToughNumbers can help you. We have special agreements with large carriers to get a special reach into these small areas. Giving you the freedom to now keep your existing telephone number, and switch to a new service.

Contract With Tough Numbers

How We Help?

What will you get for your porting project.

We will work with you

We will work with you and gather information needed to decide if we can 100% port your phone numbers.

We start working with our dozen plus carriers

We start working with our dozen plus carriers to bring your numbers over to our service with a 95% success rate.

to setup your VoIP system to accept traffic

We then provide you with information to setup your VoIP system to accept traffic on your ported number.

Our carriers take an average one week to port your numbers

Our carriers take an average one week to port your numbers, and then we can start sending you your phone traffic.

partner with several large Telecom carriers
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Carriers we use

We partner with several large carriers including
Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T to get a special reach
into small areas. We also support a dozen Tier 1
providers, giving us the largest footprint needed to
port all of your phone numbers.

Frequently asked question

Our voice services work with any switch manufacture that supports the SIP protocol. Below is a list of SoftSwitchs and PBXs which are live on our platform.
-Cisco Call Manager
-Cisco Call Manager Express
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at +1-936-87-Tough (+1-936-878-6844) or email support@toughnumbers.com.

We support audio codecs: G722, G729a, G711u (also know as uLaw or PCMU) and GSM.

We also support the HD Codec OPUS! We will do the transcoding on our end, that way you don’t have to use up your processing power on your end.

Call Forwarding allows an incoming call to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is able to answer. You can set any number, even international numbers. Please note that call forwarding is charge twice. Once for the call coming into our service, and second when the call goes back out to your service.

We include CNAM (CallerID Name) Service for free on all of our numbers. We partner with SuperCNAM, and provide all CNAM for any number on our service, free of charge.

We have many customers that are sending faxes through our service, but we do not officially support this on our ToughNumber service. We can not support this as the carriers we use do not support this on their end.

If the number is an EasyNumber (ported through our regular sip provider), we can support this, and support T.38 fax protocol.

We support unlimited concurrent call channels on our service. Each call channel will be billed per minute per our Rate Page.